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English version site log :
07/09/22 : new stuff in luggage page
07/09/30 : FreeButton's menu in English too.
09/03/27 : new informations on Adventure accessories page
09/10/3 : new international counter (above) and new stuff in luggage page
09/10/16 : Link to my V-Strom site
09/12/21 : some new stuff in the luggage page
10/3/9 : outdated link to italian club corrected
2010/8/10 : New item (engine guard) on "adventure accessories" page
2010/9/22 : new stuff in accessories and luggage pages
2011/9/17 : new link on the bottom of this page, list of country codes
2011/9/18 bug fixes and new antispam system in contact form

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